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About Vix

Victoria Reitano aka Vix the Fix

Victoria Reitano, known professionally as Vix, is an award-winning Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), a Forbes NEXT1000 Founder and an IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporate teams quickly launch + scale six-figure revenue streams, digitally.

Vix’s strategies were created when she turned her side hustle into a six-figure business in just six weeks in the summer of 2015 – and the software app she designed in 2022, NurtureLead™? It’s full of the templates, workflows and customizations she needed back then and still uses to this day!

As a result of her work, she has appeared on The TODAY Show, The Skimm, CNBC, Business Insider and Forbes to name a few.

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She built her reputation in her 20s while working in-house at ABC’s LIVE with Kelly Ripa, Telepictures’ Bethenny Frankel Show, Time Inc.’s This Old House Magazine and NBC’s Meredith Vieira Show before leveraging her own digital brand to launch her advertising and marketing agency in 2015 – growing the business year over year by a minimum of 60% (and, in 2020, a whopping 843%) by word-of-mouth referrals alone, leveraging her proprietary process, The LGF Framework™, to educate, inform and convert the right leads at the right time to paying clients who refer.

Her mission is simple – to help you design a professional life that allows you to simultaneously build a personal life you love.

In My Own Words - How It Started…

Picture it, August 2015. I was 27 years old and I knew something had to change.

I was working 60+ hours a week, eating less than 1200 calories a day, beating my body up in high-intensity boutique fitness classes (sometimes 2 per day!) as often as I could afford – I was doing ALL the things and feeling NONE of the joy.

The first thing I did was go back to my undergraduate roots and started leveraging my personal digital brand to take on side hustles to fulfill my creative passions.

Within six weeks, I had matched my six-figure salary and my entrepreneur journey had officially begun.

(I wrote + self-published a book about that wild ride called Six Weeks to Freedom in 2018, available on Amazon).

And Just Like That, I Was 5 Years In... And March of 2020 Happened

That business grew into an award-winning marketing and advertising agency with a team of 11. We led global campaigns for The United Nations, managed content marketing strategy for Out Leadership, handled Media Buying, Media Planning and Campaign Creative for Cohen’s Fashion Optical, and provided strategic consulting for global brands like HBO Max, SoulCycle, Harry Winston and The Ad Council. Additionally, the agency served as the Agency of Record for Tommy Bahama Spirits’ nationwide launch with a Craft Distillery and the distillery’s launch of a branded e-comm site.

In one year – in 2020 – I grew the business by 843% alone (CNBC covered that) and then, in 2021, I made the Forbes NEXT1000 Founders list, and in the same week we opened a production studio, my grandmother passed away suddenly.

My whole life shifted. It would take me nearly 3 years to turn my vision for ease into reality – and it is the lessons I learned in those challenging times that I continue to share (and leverage!) today in my work with entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate leaders.

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How It's Going... And How We Can Work Together To Turn Your Vision Into Your Reality

These days, my life is full of joy and ease. I have rediscovered my motivation and use it as my Entrepreneurial North Star, the lens through which I make each and every decision in my business to ensure that I am focusing on the things that matter to me – to the inner self that I (finally!) have an authentically healthy relationship with.

I have shifted my professional focus – and continue to leverage my proven strategic approach to marketing, sales and operations in my OWN business, providing my small team of part-time contractors with efficient systems and processes in ClickUp and Google Docs, and in the custom, HIPAA-compliant, all-in-one business management software app, NurtureLead™, that I built in 2022.

Every client begins their journey with a 30-Day Jumpstart (at a special rate for new clients) and then moves into a 90-Day FastTrack where we build the foundation of their business to align with their unique vision.

In all engagements, as a Fractional CMO, I bring my expertise and experience (15+ years of it!) to provide strategic and operational leadership to help you achieve your business goals.

I share a fresh perspective on the structure and strategies your business needs to have in place to achieve your goals in the areas of marketing, sales and operations (aka fulfillment). We focus on ways to incorporate exciting new technologies -- like AI and automation software -- to design professional workflows that prioritize your personal goals.

My support can also extend to various areas of marketing, including developing and implementing marketing plans, creating branding strategies, lead generation, website development, social media campaigns, email marketing, and more. Additionally, I help businesses like yours grow by identifying new opportunities, analyzing industry trends, conducting market research, and providing recommendations for improvement.

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